TEDxGorinchem 2019

Inspire the community!

In 2019 vond de eerste TEDxGorinchem plaats. Een evenement als experiment om de stad kennis te laten maken met ‘ideas worth spreading’. En niet van die idee├źn die van een afstand interessant zijn, maar juist heel dichtbij kunnen komen, en zelfs door stadsgenoten worden gedeeld. Een geweldige line-up van sprekers, een uitverkochte zaal en enthousiaste reacties achteraf. Een succes! Kijk terug naar de talks van toen.

An organization as a community

Pieterjan van Wijngaarden | Author and community entrepreneur

Everybody is an entrepreneur according to Pieterjan van Wijngaarden. As ‘community addict’ and author of Entrepreneurship as way of life he shares the three key elements of successful cooperation by working together in communities.

Taking resilience to a higher level

Esther Wienese | Author, rooftop expert and city guide

Rotterdam, world famous for its harbor, has millions of square meters of flat rooftops. Creative as they are, the inhabitants of this Dutch city are changing them from boring, useless spaces into lively, sustainable, even entertaining spots. Esther Wienese is author of the Rotterdam Rooftops book and explains what you can do with your roof.

Choose, change, challenge

Esmay Usmany | Singer-songwriter

The connecting power of music. Singer-songwriter and music teacher Esmay Usmany overcame some serious challenges in her life and made bold choices to take back control. She empowers her impressive story with one of her own songs.

Cherish your trash

Lisanne Addink | Social Entrepreneur

We throw away so many things, even when they are still usable in various ways. Upcycling expert Lisanne Addink takes products that would be written off normally and transforms them into new fashionable creations.

A puppet is more persuasive than a human

Fred Delfgaauw | Performer and theatre owner

Why can we handle the truth better when a puppet tells it instead of a human being? This is what theatre-artist Fred Delfgaauw explains us, by using, what else, one of his puppets. The truth about getting old told by a (not so) dummy.

Who cares? An innovative approach of caretaking

Fred Vahlkamp | Entrepreneur and healthcare innovator

Of every 20 people there is just 1 who needs significant more care so why not reach out to those other 19 for help? Fred Vahlkamp found that the traditional healthcare system could be improved by activating the community. The results are astonishing. Not only did he manage to give his daughter a role in the middle of society, he saves on healthcare costs and improved the quality of life of both his daughter and the community around her.